Ready Hai: A Goldmine Where Fate Favors the Early Birds


Gold rush …

Gold rush is the worst time for the gold diggers to arrive at a goldmine.

You know why?

Because when everyone is digging for gold, you can make more money by selling shovels; in a gold rush your chances to find a piece of gold are little to nothing.

This is what’s happening with merchants, PL brands, sellers and resellers on Daraz, OLX and other marketplaces like them.

The thing is that there are simply so many gold diggers at those marketplaces.

This is where Ready Hai comes into the play.

It is a goldmine – it is California before it was known as California and NOW is the best time to enjoy some early bird perks.

Now is the time to pick up your shovel and make an account on Ready Hai.

Lemme explain why.

You Won’t Miss a Damn Opportunity at Ready Hai

Ready Hai is an online selling platform that is unique in many ways. The thought of it just like the thought of the evolution of AI and some other IT things in Pakistan.

We noticed how there was a huge gap between business models like Daraz, OLX and Foodpanda etc.

I examined the gap, mapped it and then found a unique angle.

 Realizing quickly that there was a dire demand for a marketplace that would let individuals set their stores, let all kind of sellers (from PL brands to muhallayki dukans) sell their merch and make use of the organized, channelized and experienced marketing program.

In simple words, if it ever happened to you that you wanted to sell something at one of the most busiest online selling and buying platforms in Pakistan, but you noticed that your business model was not supported by theirs, Ready Hai is here to give you a golden opportunity.

Dedicated Customer Service

Merchants are more like buyers. They sell their merch to buyers at large, but you see how tables are turned around when these merchants have to deal with online marketplaces and fight for each and every inch of their merchant rights.

We know that marketplaces favor the buyers – not the sellers.

This is no longer the case now.

Ready Hai is a marketplace made by people who are sellers at heart and mind.

My team and I have been selling many digital and physical products for quite some time now.

We are very well aware of the pain and agony of a seller in a buyer-friendly online buying/selling world where competition is smothering to the point of death. One of the key issues we faced was how difficult it was just to signup and become online retailers on exiting market places then pay a hefty commission to actually be able to sell on there platforms.

With dedicated customer service, we designed an app that allows the customer to get direct support from the retailer or shop keeper and if that doesn’t work to contact us directly through our support emails or chat channels available listen and address grievances on priority basis.

Be a Store or Be an Individual

We do not limit the way you want to act or the way you want to brand yourself.

If you’re a seller who is known by their name and not by a brand name, and you want to keep it that way, you’re more than welcome to do so. We welcome you all, ecommerce, or local store or be it homebased sellers to sell within 5 to 10km range for pickup or delivery.

This is a fully personalized solution – supported by a UI/UX-focused app which means that not only you would be able to control all of your business at your fingertips, but yourtarget customers can also contact you anytime, anywhere via our mobile app. You worry about the sales and let us handle the tech, and all free of cost.

But wait …

There’s more to it.

We know that at marketplaces like OLX and Bolee, you can only sell as an individual, even though you have a physical shop and even though you want to make use of the massive traffic on those platforms, you cannot.

You HAVE to sell as an individual.

Not anymore. We respect your business model. We allow you to sell with your store name.

Sell Whatever the **** You Want

You know … that saying … that is associated with Jeff Bezos – “I sell whatever the **** I want.”

True or not, he definitely sells almost everything. I mean not only physical products, but digital too (books, IT services and beyonf).

More on “we respect your business model” …

Not only we let you sell as an individual as well as a buyer, but we also let you sell whatever you want.

Again, the job of an online marketplace is to do marketing and gather a ****load of traffic that will buy its partners/merchants items.

Their job is not to limit anyone’s abilities to sell whatever they want to sell.

I bet that food vendors (home-made food and restaurants etc.) would love to make use of the massive traffic that is found at marketplaces like Daraz and Olx, but they cannot.

Also, how about a ladies’ fashion ecommerce setup wanting to use agile, fast and easy delivery system of Food Panda? They cannot. Right? Coz it’s Food Panda not eCom Panda.

Well, we let you sell whatever the **** you want to. Sell physical products, sell digital products, sell food (made at home or restaurant), sell as a person or sell as a store.

Marketing is What WE Do

“So, what do you guys do?”

We are glad you asked.

We do marketing. And by marketing not only the marketing that we HAVE to do to bring enormous amount of traffic to our website, app and social media handles, but the marketing that we do for you.

Tailored for you.

We have a paid marketing plan. In case you’re a new seller and you’re not getting much traction, you can always choose for our very reasonably paid marketing solution.

There are affordable monthly packages that you can choose from. We will promote your brand and your products via content marketing, product descriptions, social media marketing across all our social media handles and … wait for the best … via push notifications to highly targeting and precisely pinpointed prospects that would come to your store already convinced and happy to buy stuff.

So …

Covid-19 has set many businesses to rest … bricks and mortars especially … but it also proclaimed a new era: the era of online shopping.

With my eCommerce shopping platform, I can help you make the most out of the gold rush. Let me know if you want to know in detail about the model and the features.